Future Project Ideas

This website, and the stories it shares from around the world, are the first steps of a project I hope evolves into a larger initiative. The website itself is currently being redesigned, and I have numerous ideas for its future development. CryPeace is presently expanding into in-person explorations of peace, often with creative digital components.

Our newest initiative is PositiveSpin, dance parties that nurture embodied peace through music. Our inaugural PositiveSpin dance party will be held in Toronto, ON Canada on October 4, 2014. Future events will explore peacebuilding through shared peacebuilding experiences via webcams at different locations at the same time. If funding allows, I hope to pilot digitally-mediated PostiveSpin parties between Israeli and Palestinian participants in Israel and the Occupied Palestinean Territories this winter.

CryPeace is a labour of love that is limited by the time and personal resources I can devote to it. I'm seeking partnerships that will enable me to devote more resources to CryPeace's development, with the dream of one day being able to work on it fulltime. Thank you very much for your interest in this project. Here are some ways that you can get involved:

  • Share your own stories about peace (or the lack of it) in any medium (text, audio, video, imagery)
  • Interview others about their definition and lived experience of peace or conflict
  • Share wisdom about how to build peace within one's self, family, community, or country
  • Share CryPeace with potential partners or storytellers around the world
  • Donate your skills in fundraising, website/app development, or videography and editing
  • Donate financially to CryPeace's expansion

I welcome your inquiries and ideas about participating this project.

Carole St. Laurent