A Senagalese Hero Remembered

"I’ve covered many wars and seen many acts of courage. But for sheer grit and determination I’ve never known anyone to compare with Capt Mbaye Diagne, a United Nations peacekeeper in Rwanda," said Mark Doyle, an International development correspondent. Armed only with cigarettes and whisky, and an indefatigable sense of humour, Diagne talked his way through numerous checkpoints, transporting people to the safety of Hotel Mille Collines, or bringing messages between the UN and government forces.

In one instance, Diagne led a convoy of trucks from Hotel Mille Collines to the airport, but a frenzied crowd of militia stopped them just yards outside of the gates. Without concern for his own safety, he made himself a human shield to protect dozens of people in the convoy.
Eventually, Diagne lost his life protecting at least 500 other lives, just 12 days before he was due to return home.

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