Friday the 13th

My cheeks hurt. Not because of dental surgery, but because I can't stop smiling. And I've been smiling all day. I just got back from the Friday the 13th motorcycle rally in Port Dover, Ontario. I can't believe I rode for years and never made it before. This time I took a day off work, grabbed my camera, and had a fabulous day!

After dropping my new friends off at their car, having shared stories over dinner for hours, I kept reminding myself to give my cheeks a rest. The rests were fleeting, though - every time I remembered another person and another story, I couldn't help smiling until I was grinning ear to ear.

It's very late now, I hope I can sleep, but I'd rather watch all the videos and start posting them to the site. Some quick thoughts to tide you over - peace is love, acceptance of self, of life, of illness, and of others. Peace is the freedom you feel on a bike; it's better than any medicine you can take. Peace overflows abundantly on days like today, when thousands of friendly, open people - most of them in leather and driving Harleys - share friendship and love, mostly with strangers. What an awesome day.