Canada's Governor General Apologizes to Rwanda

Sarah Boesveld
Globe and Mail
April 22, 2010

Governor-General Michaëlle Jean has acknowledged Canada’s failure to respond to the Rwandan genocide as part of the international community.

During a state visit to the country Wednesday, she conveyed the guilt of the many nations accused of ignoring the 1994 crisis in a statement delivered during a meeting with President Paul Kagame, a leader of the Tutsi rebel uprising.

“The world's failure to respond adequately to the genocide is a failure in which Canada – as part of the international community – readily acknowledges its fair share of responsibility,” she read from a prepared statement as she sat in the Rwandan cabinet chambers in the capital of Kigali.

“It is with a sense of utmost humility that I express the respects of Canada to all Rwandans who perished, suffered and who continue to suffer measurable loss in the Rwandan genocide.”

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