20 years later - the Miracle of Reconciliation

It's twenty years since the start of the Tutsi genocide in Rwanda, and the world is remembering, with touching tributes and testimonies to the victims, and the survivors. I'm amazed at the courageous and generous people who have reached hands of forgiveness out to the perpetrators of such atrocities against themselves, and their families. Here are a few of their testamonies.

Portraits of Reconciliation, New York Times Magazine
These stunning vignettes show perpetrators with survivors. Sometimes uneasily, sometimes with an amazing portrayal of friendship, these unlikely pairs have pledged to live together in harmony.
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Rwanda Today: Unimaginable forgiveness
Jon Warren, who documented the genocide to alert the world to its horrors decades ago, cannot believe the transformation he's seen in the country. In his most recent visit 6 months ago, he found that "the unimaginable has happened. The genocide hasn’t been forgotten, but within these families there has been forgiveness and reconciliation."
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Rwanda genocide: Man and victim now friends
"She lost her baby daughter and her right hand to a manic killing spree. He wielded the machete that took both. Yet today, despite coming from opposite sides of an unspeakable shared past, Alice Mukarurinda and Emmanuel Ndayisaba are friends. She is the treasurer and he the vice president of a group that builds simple brick houses for genocide survivors. They live near each other and shop at the same market."
Read how Josephine Munyeli came to forgive her would-be killer

Rwanda 20 Years
April 7, 2014 is the Day of Remembrance of the Victims of the Rwanda Genocide and 20th anniversary of the genocide's beginning. Throughout April, we're telling the 20-year story of recovery and reconciliation, and the part World Vision has played in that process.
Watch Testimonies and Tributes from World Vision staff