South Africa

A Literary Human Rights Defender Dies

Nadine Gordimer, South African author and human rights defender, died yesterday, at age 90. A prolific writer, Gordimer published over 30 books, as well as short stories depicting the consequences of apartheid and alienation.

Gordimer was a member of the African National Congress, fought for Nelson Mandela's release, and once it was realised, the two became good friends.

Poet Diana Ferrus Shares "Peace Song"

South African poet Diana Ferrus' work has had a strong impact that it resulted in the repatriation of the remains of former South African slave Sarah Bartmann from France this century.

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Diana Ferrus

Peace the Only Option

Modise Phekouyane, a former inmate of Robben Island for anti-apartheid activities in South Africa, shares how forgiveness replaced his hatred for his former oppressors.

Modise Phekouyane
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